Entry #2

Hard work... Big satisfaction!

2007-11-20 14:50:16 by Kelemas

***warning: this post is a little personal***
I can't believe that my game - my first game - made it to the front page. (to be sincere it's an update of the first game... but nevertheless my first)
You know, I always looked to newgrounds as a "big place, with lots of opportunities" (does it bring back memories?), and when I finally decided to cross the line, shifting from consumer to producer of entertainment (in the most vast acception of the term)... I was full of excitement.
While working on my project, I often repeated to myself: "If people will enjoy this game half as much as I enjoyed making it... it will suffice"
And now...

I can't describe the feeling I had when I saw the little icon of Raptek Arena amongst the featured games, but I assure you: it was a good one!

And to all the newgrounders that pissed off and complained about it beeing hard, and voted as low as they could just because they could not finish the game, or because they could not master the controls, or for whatever reason they found..... I say: THANKS.
Thanks a lot. Because You gave me the energy to keep working on it, and making it a little better every day. It was like a challenge for me.
The game has not so high a score, but I don't matter, I really don't.
Because I feel I won... thanks to you. It sounds weird, or strange, or even... a little ill. But it's true.

I owe much also to EVERYONE who supported me, who gave some good suggestions, or just a piece of advice... on the comments or by PM. To all you out there, I can only promise that I'll keep hearing you, as long as you take the time to speak out, and try to find solutions to problems instead of simply ranting about them.
You make the internet - and surely the world - a nicer place.

A greeting, and a deep bow to all you out there.
P.S: I live in a non-english speaking nation, so forgive me if I messed a little with Shakespeare's language up there... Hope the message is clear, though!


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2007-11-20 15:42:28



2007-11-22 21:56:47

about the remake of the game, i think it should go back to the stats page. but i dont think its a big deal really. shit man, you got an award here for it


2007-12-01 15:14:40

I was just reading some reviews and I just finished your game again on NG and it is very awesome. I used Archer this time.
I also have a character on Kongregate too.
Now back to the house chores! Very awesome gameplay and music and everything.
Good for you stepping out from the player end of NG and making a game for all to enjoy!
I found the AI very good with Warrior - as the enemies with range would often frustrate me with surrounding me. Also the shield is a major purchase I find my self having to make almost every round.


2008-11-02 15:45:30

whats a "Physioterapyst"?

P.S: good game


2009-02-27 10:04:01

you rock man!