Entry #1

First Submission!

2007-11-06 20:24:10 by Kelemas

I feel excited like a boy at his first day at school...
My first submission is under Judgement right now... I think I'll turn off the Computer immediately, or I'll spend the night watching how it goes in real time :)

I'll read the reviews and try my best to answer all of them, and maybe I'll make a walkthrough here... if it passes judgement, of course!

I've not put up a site for the game, but I certainly will if it receives some views and positive comments... in the meanwhile my web page link points to my Live Action Role Playing association... which gave inspirations for the events narrated in the game.

Hope you enjoy playing Raptek Arena... at least half as much as I enjoyed making it!
Now as I think of it... So much work... groan!


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2007-11-06 20:52:56

awesome game! absolutely no doubt that it will pass judgment. i wont be surprised if it gets front page!

Kelemas responds:

Wow, thank you!
If you played in the "highscores-not-working" phase, now they are up and running!
The challenge for the best player is open ;-p


2007-11-17 07:56:03

Love the game!!!

Kelemas responds:

Thank you! Come and play it (and vote... and comment...) when you like :)